What Car Soap To Use On Ceramic Coating

What Car Soap To Use On Ceramic Coating

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With so many different ceramic coatings on the market, and none created equally, it can be a little tough to figure out what car soap to use on a ceramic coating, but let’s make it easy for you; a pH neutral car soap that doesn’t leave anything behind is and will always be the best and safest soap to use on ceramic coatings. That’s it. It’s super simple, but, if you want to know more then continue reading.

Most ceramic coatings have some resistance to chemicals, but, without proper care, or using the wrong soaps, they will break down and fail. Unfortunately, ceramic coatings aren’t a one-and-done thing and have to be maintained for them to last. Knowing what car soap to use on ceramic coatings is the easiest way to maintain their longevity. 

The truth is, some ceramic coatings hate alkaline based soaps and others fail when using acid based soaps. It’d be cool if the brands told you which soaps are ok, but most don’t so you’re stuck guessing. It’s a pretty big investment, whether in time, if you’re doing it yourself, or with cash, if you’re paying a professional detailer to do it, so it’d be nice if the coating lasted a while, right? Your best bet is to use a pH neutral soap whether your car is ceramic coated or not. pH neutral soaps won’t harm waxes, paint sealants, or plastics. It’s also important to use a soap that doesn’t leave any gloss or protection behind, unless specifically recommended by the ceramic coating brand. If you use soap with gloss enhancers, wax, or other protection, you run the risk of clogging the ceramic, leaving it ineffective. Some brands offer ceramic soaps that help maintain their coatings, and those are ok to use, obviously. You don’t need to use those with every wash though, so a pH neutral soap should always be a part of your car wash kit.

Hopefully by now you know what car soap to use on ceramic coatings and can rest easy knowing it’s pretty simple. pH neutral all the way.

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