Brimstone : Wheel & Tire Cleaner

If you want your wheels to shine and tires to look like new without much effort, chances are, you'll probably enjoy Brimstone Wheel & Tire Cleaner. Maybe even a lot. The power within this wheel and tire cleaner is almost unreal, but, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be selling a product that's not real.

  • Non-Acid, Alkaline Cleaner
  • Strong, Powerful Cleaning, That's Safe On Most Wheels
  • Clinging Foam
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Removes Grime Without Effort
  • Rips Blooming Out Of Tires


Size: 16 oz
16 oz
Wheel and tire cleaner for cars and trucks
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Wheel and tire cleaner for detailing

What Is It

Your favorite wheel & tire cleaner. Maybe.

Brimstone Wheel & Tire Cleaner is your trusty sidekick for keeping your wheels and tires looking like new. It's got that high-alkaline, non-acid muscle, so it'll tackle the grime and road gunk without breaking a sweat, yet safe on all wheels, except polished aluminum.

It also foams just the right amount to cling to grime, loosen it, and carry it off so you don't have to work as hard.

Blooming. The browning of tires. Hate it? We do too. Brimstone Wheel & Tire Cleaner was formulated to remove tire blooming with ease. Say bye bye to the unsightly brown and hello to tires that are as close to factory without buying a new set as you can get.

Important Note: The non-corrosive formula helps keep your wheel's finish safe, but don't let it dry on the surface. 

How To Use It

We like using it in a foaming sprayer

For light to medium dirt, spray on wheels and tires and allow Brimstone to penetrate. Rinse off.

For dirtier, or hard to clean wheels, spray on rims first scrub, then spray tires and scrub. Rinse off.

Pretty easy.

Important: Only apply to cool surfaces.

Brimstone wheel and tire cleaner
How to use wheel and tire cleaner

How to dilute it

Give these dilution ratios a try

You can use Brimstone straight up if you like, but we recommend, at the very least, to throw it in a foamer with equal parts water so you can make some wheel clinging, dirt destroying foam.

Brimstone : Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Brimstone : Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Common Questions

Safe on all wheels?

Can I clean rubber floor mats with it?

Wheels first or last?

Does it remove iron?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Solid product

Product works well, but can be diluted down if need be. Gives you enough strength to cut through tire grime and wheel filth for a fresh slate.

I like it

It works really well and smells pretty good too. I like that it can be diluted

Todd Hutchison/ A Touch of Hutch Auto Detailing
Cleans really well!

Foams and clings to wheels and tires and cleans really good! Put in a foaming pump sprayer and it works even better. YouTube video placeholder