AquaFoam : Intense Foam Shampoo

AquaFoam's, pH neutral, biodegradable formula contains no wax and leaves zero film behind, just fresh, clean paint ready for a fresh layer of wax, sealant or a full-on ceramic coating.

  • Biodegradable
  • pH Neutral - Safe On All Coatings
  • Strong, Thick Foam
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Tons Of Lubrication
  • Doesn't Leave Any Film Behind
  • Can Be Used During The Claying Process


Size: 16 oz
16 oz
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The Info

Get to know Aquafoam

AquaFoam Intense Foam Shampoo is quite literally a foam party in a bottle. The heavily-concentrated formula creates the thickest, fluffiest foam you've ever seen, which, let's be honest, makes washing your car fun.

The foam is cool, no question, but the shampoo really does its job by encapsulating dirt and grime and gently lifting it away with ease. With the amount of lubrication it provides, you won't harm any wax, sealant, or coating, or leave any unsightly swirls behind. Beautiful.

As mentioned above, AquaFoam Intense Foam Shampoo is highly-concentrated so a little goes a long way. Who doesn't love getting as many uses as possible. No one.

The bonus: it's eco-friendly and pH neutral.

So, whether you're a detailing pro or just love a clean ride, this car shampoo is your secret weapon for a sparkling, swirl-free finish.


How we recommend using AquaFoam

  • Fill wash bucket with about 4 gallons of water.
  • Add AquaFoam. Do a little mixing to wake those bubbles up.
  • Rinse car to remove as much dirt as possible. We recommend using Alkahest: All Purpose Cleaner to remove even more dirt.
  • Using a high-quality microfiber wash mitt or pad, dunk it into your wash bucket and work the car from top to bottom.
  • After the entire car has been washed, rinse off thoroughly.
  • Dry with a premium microfiber drying towel.
    For the best results, a foam cannon is suggested.

*Note: Don't let the shampoo dry on your paint.

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How much car soap to use

How Much To Use

AquaFoam is super concentrated so a little goes along way. Give these amounts a try and then find your personal sweet spot.

AquaFoam : Intense Foam Shampoo

AquaFoam : Intense Foam Shampoo

Common Questions

Does It Clean Well?

Does it leave any film behind?

What's the best way to wash a car?

What does it smell like?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todd Hutchison
Amazing foam and cleaning power!

I love this soap for its scent, cleaning power, foam and the great dilution ratios you get from it. 1-3 ounces in a foam cannon and a couple squirts in the bucket and you have foam and lubrication for days! YouTube video placeholder
Care car

Shampoo love it work great 👍

Sampoo car care

Love the shampoo