Redux : All Around Dressing

Redux: All Around Dressing is a pretty straightforward product. It adds the necessary protection without a thick, gooey, wet layer that slings and attracts all the dust and dirt. It's easy to apply and lasts a decent amount of time. Perfect for keeping your tires, as well as your interior, looking like new.

  • Leather, Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic.
  • Easy Application
  • Water-Based So It Doesn't Sling
  • Non-Greasy
  • OEM, Satin Finish
  • Adds Protection


Size: 16 oz
16 oz
tire dressing that doesn't sling
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What Is it

The Tire Dressing That Became much more

Redux All Around Dressing was originally created to be a tire and trim dressing, which it excels at. Truth be told, we aren’t the biggest fans of interior dressing, but know it’s popular amongst car care enthusiasts. We didn’t want to offer another product just for interior dressing if it were possible to make Redux do everything, and do it as well as it did tires. After a few tweaks here, some extra additives there, Redux was formulated to dress both exterior and interior really, really well. Hence, “All Around Dressing.” It didn’t lose any of its perfect tire dressing capabilities, it just gained the ability to dress interior surfaces just as well. 

Redux: All Around Dressing really is a versatile multitasker for your car’s rubber, vinyl, plastic and even leather. It doesn't discriminate between interior and exterior, making it the ideal product for all your dressing needs. Whether you're sprucing up your dashboard, door panels, giving your exterior trim some TLC, or want your wheels to have that OEM look, it's got you covered. 

Redux: All Around Dressing leaves a non-greasy, non-slinging, satin finish that's the epitome of sleek and stylish. So, your car looks like it just stepped out of a showroom, both inside and out. It's the kind of product that makes car care feel like a breeze, and who doesn't love a little simplicity in their life?

Important: Do not use on surfaces where a smooth, slick surface is not desired.

Shake well before each use.

How to use it

Perfect satin finish, or use more for gloss

Shake well before use.

  • Spread Redux across a microfiber applicator and apply onto a clean, dry surface.
  • For maximum protection, allow to dwell a minute or two, then wipe off excess.
  • For more gloss and "wet" look, reapply until preferred glossiness.
Redux tire trim dressing
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How to Dilute it

It's water-based with enough water already

Redux All Around Dressing doesn't require any dilution and works best not to be.

A little goes a long way, so start off with a small amount and go from there. If you apply too much, the excess can easily be wiped off.

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Quicksilver : Quick Detailer

Common Questions

How Long Does It Last?

What's The Dark Stuff At The Bottom Of The Bottle?

Why Doesn't It Have A Sprayer?

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Customer Reviews

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Todd Hutchison/ A Touch of Hutch Auto Detailing
Beautiful OEM Finish

Redux applies easily and gives a beautiful OEM look without making the surface greasy or oily. Fantastic product!