Quicksilver : Quick Detailer

Quicksilver: Quick Detailer is perfect for quick touch ups or full-on washing your car without water. Easily removes fingerprints and even fresh water spots, and the anti-streaking properties make it safe to use in the sun.

  • Anti-static
  • Anti-streaking
  • Removes Water Spots
  • Cleans Mild Contaminants
  • Great As A Drying Aid
  • Adds Gloss And Shine
  • Safe On All Waxes, Sealants, And Coatings


Size: 16 oz
16 oz
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What Is it

It cleans, Adds gloss, and doesn't scratch. Nice.

Quicksilver Quick Detailer is a jack of all trades, master of all when it comes to light-duty exterior cleaning. It doesn't care if you've got some dust, light road grime, sticky fingerprints, or fresh water spots — it's got your back. You can use it for quick touch ups or go all in for a full on car wash without water.

The anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt, so your car will stay clean longer and is safe on all surfaces. When the job's done, your car will have a gloss so nice that it once made a raindrop stop mid-fall just to admire its reflection. It's the kind of stuff that turns your vehicle into an envy-inducing, gloss-coated superstar, one spray at a time.

Safe to use in the sun, but avoid using Quicksilver Quick Detailer on hot surfaces.

Body shop safe. Contains no wax or silicone and is non-abrasive.

Shake well before use.

How to use it

Spray on, wipe off, let it shine

Shake well before use.

  • Spray 1-2 times, or more if very dirty, per section, ensuring good coverage.
  • Wipe down with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Turn towel over and buff to a clean, glossy finish.
  • Repeat over the entire vehicle, if desired. Or simply use to spot clean.

Note: Do not apply to a hot surface.

Quicksilver quik detailer
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How to dilute it

Best not to mess with it

Quicksilver: Quick Detailer is ready to go and should be used as-is.

1-2 sprays per section is all that's typically needed. If you're car is dirtier, a few more sprays will help. However, if too dirty, save the cleaning for a proper car wash using AquaFoam: Intense Foam Shampoo.

Quicksilver : Quick Detailer

Quicksilver : Quick Detailer

Common Questions

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Scarbath

I ordered the Quicksilver.Couldnt wait for its arrival.it came and applied as directed.Its easy on easy off For a quick shine.Glass.body
and all moldings.But for me its Crowne..I NEED AND WANT A LASTING MORE ADVANCED SPRAY.I USE crowned everyday
.With no exaggeration at least 10 times a day.I want a shield of Protection that Heat,Bird droppings and scratches won't penatrate..I get that with Crowne..